Who and Why We Are

Welcome to AJWRB. The web site started back in 1997 as the work of one dissident Jehovah's Witnesses elder who was deeply troubled by the Watchtower Society's policy on on the use of blood and blood products and by Daniel Sydlik's (A Watchtower Governing Body Member) complete disinterest in even discussing the issue. The original web site was called "New Light on Blood".

In very short order this brother, known by the pseudonym "The Liberal Elder" (later abbreviated to "Lee Elder") was joined by other elders and HLC members from the United States and South America as well as Jehovah's Witnesses from well over thirty countries in calling for clear answers regarding the numerous contradictions that become apparent when one carefully examines the policy. That was the birth of AJWRB in 1998.

The Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood began with the sole mission of educating Jehovah's Witnesses regarding the many inconsistencies in the Watchtower's blood policy so that they could truly make an informed choice about their medical treatment and that goal has never changed.

AJWRB has grown to be a very diverse group of individuals including current and former members, non-believing family members, medical professionals, legal professionals, child advocates and interested members of the public.

What we share in common is our sincere desire to see all Jehovah's Witnesses be able to make informed, conscientious choices about their medical care without threat of controls or sanctions from either the Watchtower or local congregations.


The purpose of this web site is to save lives. In particular, we wish to save the lives of our friends and family members who are Jehovah's Witnesses. This is not an anti-Jehovah's Witness site. We are soundly a Christian PRO-Jehovah's Witness site. While some criticism of the Watchtower Society will be found here, the purpose is always to build up, and support Jehovah's Witnesses in whatever way we can.

We believe by facilitating communication and fostering an atmosphere of education and compromise, we may ultimately save the lives of untold thousands.

This site is also a resource for doctors, lawyers and other medical professionals looking for objective analysis of the Watchtower Society's policy as well as tools and methods to better establish informed consent with their patients.

As the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses keeps on approving more blood-based products and fractionated blood, our goal is to inform Jehovah's Witnesses and their doctors as quickly as possible so that the JW patient may be saved.

We are looking for volunteers and people and organizations to donate money to this cause. We wish to organize blood donation events that will be dedicated to providing blood for all the so-called "bloodless products" that Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to take in good conscience, since these products are actually made from blood. We also wish to partner with the Red Cross in organizing blood drives for Jehovah's Witnesses. Also, noblood.org, a site owned and run by Jehovah's Witnesses, whom we support in their endeavor to provide the best bloodless medicine available to Jehovah's Witnesses. AJWRB is a progressive Christian organization that welcomes all. We hold love as our highest value.

Lee Elder
Director of AJWRB